Tuesday, 18 October 2011

Adobe Flash Player 10.3 for Sony Ericsson Xperia X8

With all of the current android handsets on the market these days it can really be quite confusing choosing one. In the low to mid-range it's quite difficult to find a specific handset that gives the most functionality for the least amount of money. And for many the tipping factor can be something as simple as "Does it support flash player?"

I myself am a Sony Ericsson Xperia X8 user, the X8 is a great little android phone and the one thing that really got on my nerves with it is the lack of any real flash support. Sometimes I want to browse the web and view 4oD which to those of you that aren't British is a youtube channel streaming British T.V shows. Unfortunately my handset lacked  any real support for adobe flash player and the one 'hacked' flash that was available was absolutely terrible. That is until now!

A fellow who goes by the alias Paul1989 over at the XDA forums (a forum dedicated to android modification located here) kindly gave me permission to link to his original thread that provides a handy .apk file that brings a fully functional, stable and most importantly - smooth port of adobe flash 10.3 to the Xperia X8.

Paul has spent a good amount of his free time developing this and if you like it, feel free to donate to his paypal; or leave him a thanks - you can find his paypal here if you feel he deserves a donation. You can view the original thread here and download the appropriate .apk file paul1989@xda_flash_player.10.3.apk from his thread. Additionally Paul has provided a BBC iPlayer .apk for U.K users to watch iPlayer on their android handsets.... good stuff!


  1. i am the dev of flash 10.2 and i have now updated it to flash player 10.3 and its availible for download on the link posted above. and im now working on flash 11 for your arm6 devices :)

  2. Oh that's fantastic! Good to see you're still active with development for the X8. I'm sure people will appreciate it! I'll update this post to reflect your current version.